SPECIAL Vietnam Veterans for Factual History "Yellow Book" Offer

VVFH is offering all fourteen of these volumes for the price of $250, including priority mail shipping in the U.S. To order the set, click on the Add to Cart button below the picture. Then press "View Cart" to checkout and pay.

All fourteen books

For a listing of the contents of all of the series, click here.

While we have your attention, we would like to offer three other books that we can add without any additional postage: The Official Lite History (and Cookbook) of the Vietnam War ($6.95) has a lot of good history in a small, but humorous package.

The Official Lite History (and Cookbook) of the Gulf War ($6.95) has as much to say about the Vietnam War as it does about Desert Storm (and was praised by Norman Schwartzkopf).

Whitewash/Blackwash - Myths of the Vietnam War ($9.95) with a preface by the late Jeremiah Denton, rounds out the collection. All seventeen books will cost you $273.85.

Vietnam War Gulf War WW-BW

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