Help with Using Zoom

If you have already used Zoom and think you are ready for the meeting, you are welcome to skip this. Otherwise you might want to start by watching these short videos. Note that there are closed captions available, including English. If it starts with captions in a language you don't want, change the settings.

(1) How to Join a Zoom Meeting (1.09 minutes)
Click Here to View Joining Video

(2) The Next Video is to help you test audio and video connections. (1:42 Minutes)
Click Here to View Testing Video

(3) Zoom Etiquette (Video and Notes)
Click Here to read article on Zoom Protocol

(4) Setting up your viewing page (10:16 minutes)
Click Here for Video on Screen/Meeting Controls

Optional (Advanced) Lessons

(5) Using Zoom from Your Telephone
Click here to read How-to Article

(6) Sharing a Screen (1.11 minutes)
Click Here to Watch Video on Screen Sharing

(7) Virtual Backgrounds (3:33 minutes)
Click Here to Learn about Virtual Backgrounds

Help Desk for Special Forces/Special Operations Virtual Convention
Starting on xx, daily from 09:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs (CST)
I will host a live zoom session as noted below:
This will be a Daily recurring meeting. To join, Click on this URL

Meeting ID: 870 9956 1293

If I am otherwise occupied, I will try to have a sign telling you when I plan to return.
In that case, try again later or call me by phone at 281-879-5688. Attendees can test their Zoom links and get their questions answered here.)