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This site links Unit Historians/Archivists/Resources, especially those with available after action reports. An asterisk (*) indicates a POC for VN Maps.

VN AAR Links


FRUS: A Diplomatic History of the Vietnam War 1952-1968

MACV Command Histories Carrs Compendiums

U.S. Army


XXIV Corps

1st Cavalry Division

1st Infantry Division

4th Infantry Division

3/8th Inf

1st Bde, 5th Infantry Division (Mechanized)

*5th Special Forces Group

9th Infantry Division

*23rd Infantry Division (Americal)

11th Infantry Brigade
196th Infantry Brigade
198th Infantry Brigade

*25th Infantry Division

3rd Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division

*101st Airborne Division (Airmobile)

173rd Airborne Brigade

199th Light Infantry Brigade

*1st Aviation Brigade

U.S. Marine Corps


1 Marine Division

3rd Marine Division

U.S. Navy

Brown Water Navy

Navy Seals

Blue Water Navy

U.S. Air Force

13th AF

U.S. Coast Guard

Information for Archivists: see Presentation at Texas Tech's 4th Triennial Symposium: "The Entrepreneurial Archivist: A Bonanza of New, Computerized, Primary Sources for the History of the Vietnam War".

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[Products & Services][Registration][Links & FAQ's][FNG][Work-in-Progress]

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