Myths of the Viet Nam War

A review from a distinguished veteran,
POW and US Senator

This little book begins to fill in, at long last, a deadly vacuum, which is the lack of truth about the facts and significances of the Vietnam War Era. That emptiness has insulted the honor of veterans, denied them recognition for their bravery and sacrifice, and made our whole society poorer for the lack of real understanding of what took place in that time, and afterwards.

The book provides, in concise and very readable form, more than enough refutation of the major myths about the Vietnam War. Beyond that, and much more importantly, it provides strong motivation for our nation to undertake correction of the myths and appreciation of the truth. We must counter the flaws in our educational system and the media that have supported the myths.

The effort is now clearly in our critical national interest. This book is a vital, immediately useable tool, and advantage must be taken of its reasonable exposures of the myths, how they came about and were nourished and spread, so that the d eadly cycle will be recognized and stamped out. In this increasingly dangerous world, this nation cannot afford to see that cycle recur. The healing that recognition of the truths in this book can bring to America will help us attain the degree of national unity which is essential to our remaining a strong and effective force for good in the world.

-- Retired Admiral and former Senator Jeremiah Denton

This concise, factual, and very readable book was commissioned at a veterans’ conference in late 2004, in response to the deep concerns expressed by all the attendees about the massive amount of inaccurate, misleading, and sometimes quite false information that makes up the bulk of the literature and media records of the war. Written by two veterans, with the support of numerous knowledgeable veterans and scholars, it has found approval among thousands of veterans, teachers, and individuals, both those familiar with the history and those to whom it is an unknown area from a controversial past. It comes with an extensive reading list as well as many internet reference sites. Anyone with an interest in this critical part of our history will find this book to be useful in their studies.