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Who's Who from Detachment A-244 (Dak Sut/Dak To/Ben Het) (Partial Draft)

The following is a listing of all personnel in our database, assigned to Detachment A-244 (Dak Sut/Dak to/Ben Het). If you were assigned to A-244 or you can correct any errors or can add any names or [ESPECIALLY HELPFUL] identify the assignments for the names at the last page of the list shown as "Assignments Unknown," or if you have any rosters, please let me know by e-mail at ( or by phone at (281) 879-5688 or join the team discussion at the Green Beret Forum.

Narrative Information: Detachment A-218 (coming from Plei Ta Nagle - see A-220) opened a camp at Dak Sut o/a 5/26/65. Dak Sut was located in Dak Sut District, Kontum Province. The camp was over-run o/a/ 8/18/65. USASF assets were sent to the Nung Security Force (see A-501). Note that the Team Sergeant, Bucky Smith came back to this location two more times.

Cook Kenneth J   CPT 05/26/65 08/18/65 DET CO A-218 Dak Sut YE
Philipson Alfred A   1LT 05/26/65 08/18/65 DET XO A-218 DEC
Smith Bucky N   MSG 05/26/65 08/18/65 TM SGT A-218 DEC
Hanks James V Jr MSG 05/26/65 08/18/65 INTEL DEROS? DEC
Phillippi Ralph W   SP4 05/26/65 08/18/65 WPNS A-218 DEC
Foley David L   SSG 05/25/65 08/18/65 RAD OP A-218 A0E
Burch Robert G   SGT 05/26/65 08/18/65 RAD OP to A-251 not here YE
Martin William P   SP5 05/26/65 08/18/65 DEMO A-218 Y
Scott Harold L   SP4 05/26/65 08/18/65 DEMO A-218  
Geoghagen Peter Y   SSG 06/01/65   DEMO A-218 YE
Giezentanner Jan A   SGT 05/26/65 08/18/65 MEDIC A-218 YE
Bunselmeyer Henry W   SSG 05/26/65 08/18/65 MEDIC A-218 A0Y
Kisling Edwin A   SSG 05/26/65 08/18/65 MEDIC A-218 YE

Narrative Information: The first PCS Detachment A7/1 took over the Dak To camp from A1/322 around 01/20/66. Dak To had been first opened in May, 1962 and had been occupied, off and on by TDY teams from the 1st and 7th SFGA. For information on the earlier TDY teams at Dak Pek see the previously published monographs on 1st SFGA and 7th SFGA TDY teams. A 1st SFGA team closed the camp in January 1965 and A1/322 reopened it about the time Dak Sut was overrun in August 1965. The PCS team was redesignated A-244. It had an augmentation team from B-57. The Dak To area was the scene of heavy fighting by the 4th Infantry Division and 173rd Airborne Brigade in 1967 and by the IICTZ Mike Force in 1969. The camp was relocated further west to Ben Het in January 1968 and the Dak To camp was closed o/a 5/15/68. It was converted to 95th Border Ranger o/a 12/31/70. Dak To and Ben Het were both located in Dak To District, Kontum Province.

Earle Richard H   CPT 01/03/66 05/01/66 DET CO A7/01 A-238 med-evaced? YE
Weinfurter Robert J   CPT 05/01/66 09/01/66 DET CO   YE
Miller William L Jr CPT 09/01/66 02/25/67 DET CO    
Gossett Larry S   CPT 02/22/67   DET CO   YE
Braddock Jimmy L   CPT 09/23/67 01/15/68 DET CO   YE
Matthews Lorraine C Jr CPT 01/09/68 05/28/68 DET CO   Y
O'Neil William D   1LT 05/07/68 08/16/68 DET CO    
Moroney John F III CPT 08/10/68 12/21/68 DET CO   DEC
Francoeur Paul E   1LT 11/24/68 03/01/69 DET CO   Y
Kingsley Louis P   CPT 02/08/69 06/18/69 DET CO DEROS 2/4/70 medevaced? DEC
Krommenhoek Pieter J   CPT 08/05/69 12/21/69 DET CO   Y
Martinez Segundo C   CPT 10/30/69 05/15/70 DET CO   DEC
Kjonnerod Leif E   CPT 05/15/70 07/17/70 DET CO   Y
Brady William H   CPT 07/07/70 11/30/70 DET CO   YE
Rasmussen Delbert T   2LT 01/05/66 07/01/66 DET XO A7/01 Y
Poe William H   1LT 07/12/66 12/09/66 DET XO   YE
Sutherland Garrell E   1LT 03/30/67 07/13/67 DET XO or B-57 DEC
Littleton Sammy L   2LT 04/14/67 07/13/67 DET XO   YE
Moore George W   2LT 07/14/67 10/04/67 DET XO   DEC
Powers Cecil H   1LT 10/20/67 10/18/68 DET XO   DEC
Leopold Stephen R   2LT 04/01/68 05/09/68 DET XO captured & released Y
Boynton Jeffrey A 'Bo' 1LT 09/09/68 02/11/69 DET XO   YE
Linnane Michael D   1LT 02/12/69 06/01/69 DET XO   YE
Thorne Ronnie E   1LT 04/01/69 08/22/69 DET XO & ACTING CO DEC
Baker Barry N   CPT 05/15/69 12/01/69 DET XO Extension? DEC
Kjonnerod Leif E   CPT 10/12/69 05/15/70 DET XO    
Cash Thomas A   1LT 06/01/70   DET XO    
Lockard Robert A   1LT 09/01/70 12/31/70 DET XO LEAVE? YE
Reed Donald J   1LT 06/01/66 01/02/67 CAPO    
Wineteer Gary G   2LT 01/01/67 10/24/67 CAPO and DET XO YE
Bakody John T Jr 1LT 10/23/67 04/07/68 CAPO   YE
McKechnie Ewen   1LT 01/09/68   CAPO   Y
Battersby William H III 1LT 04/08/68   CAPO   Y
Aslanian Roy C   2LT 10/04/68 03/28/69 CAPO   Y
Cook David D N   1LT 01/22/69 06/01/69 CAPO   Y
Sapp Joel V   1LT 03/01/69 06/08/69 CAPO   Y
Andrews Donald F   2LT 08/05/69   CAPO ASST   DEC
Cash Thomas A   1LT 11/15/69   CAPO    
Allen John E   1LT 11/20/69 11/19/70 CAPO   DEC
Wallace Jon R   1LT 06/01/70 09/01/70 CAPO    
Edwards Vernon D   1LT 07/14/70 09/01/70 CAPO   YE
Foss Reginald G   SGT 01/03/66   LT WPNS/CA A7/01 Y
Houston David   SP4 05/20/66 05/19/67 MEDIC CA AUG  
Sims Larry D   SSG 06/17/66 01/01/67 CAPO NCO   DEC
Klink Wallace L 'Wally' MSG 01/03/66 06/01/66 TM SGT A7/01 to C-2 DEC
Aldridge Thomas M   MSG 06/01/66 01/01/67 TM SGT   YE
Taylor James T "Smokey" MSG 06/01/66 01/01/67 TM SGT   Y
Newton Wylie H   MSG     TM SGT   Y
Huff Frank C   SFC 09/01/66 12/01/66 TM SGT   KIA
Roy John W   MSG 01/01/67 04/01/67 TM SGT   YE
Board Edgar W   MSG 01/01/68   TM SGT   Y
Aldridge Thomas M   MSG 03/01/68 10/13/68 TM SGT   YE
Rosalee Bobby   MSG 09/01/68   TM SGT   Y
Dunham Bobby J   SFC 12/01/68 01/08/69 TM SGT   KIA
Powers Charles C   SFC 12/02/68 06/20/69 TM SGT   DEC
Serrano James D   MSG 01/12/69 12/16/69 TM SGT & C-4? DEC
Smith Bucky N   MSG 05/01/69 08/01/69 TM SGT   DEC
Trout Ralph R Jr MSG 06/01/69 02/02/70 TM SGT    
Kope Joseph R   SFC 10/23/69 04/23/70 TM SGT   DEC
Smith Bucky N   MSG 02/10/70 08/09/70 TM SGT   DEC
Gillis Gerard T 'Top' MSG 10/01/70 12/31/70 TM SGT    
Cobley Warren W   SFC 01/03/66 07/08/66 INTEL A7/01 KIA
Johnson Robert R   SFC 06/01/66 01/08/67 INTEL    
O'Hara Thomas M   SSG 05/01/67 04/11/68 INTEL   YE
Waters Medicus R   SFC 03/01/68 09/01/68 INTEL & TM SGT YE
Spence Floyd A   SFC 02/11/69 07/01/69 INTEL    
Beal Ralph C   SFC 09/10/69 09/06/70 INTEL    
Nash Ronnie V   SFC 05/01/70 07/01/70 INTEL   Y
Carreon Daniel   SSG 06/01/66 12/16/66 INTEL/A    
Secosky Stanley J Jr SP5 01/01/68   INTEL/A   DEC
Bishof John S   SP5 09/01/70 10/31/70 INTEL/A   YE
Corpuz Edward   SFC 01/03/66 06/01/66 LT WPNS A7/01 YE
Jones William R   SFC 01/03/66 01/02/67 HVY WPNS A7/01 DEC
Drummond Emanuel F Jr SSG 03/01/66 08/01/66 LT WPNS   KIA
Gross Donald P   SFC 09/08/66   HVY WPNS    
Lechak Frederick J   SFC 01/01/67 06/14/67 LT WPNS   KIA
Mills Larry G   SSG 06/01/67 01/30/68 LT WPNS   DEC
Frost Nathaniel "Jack" SSG 09/01/67 12/01/67 HVY WPNS   YE
Minton Denver G   SFC 12/01/67 02/01/68 LT WPNS   Y
Grier Richard V   SFC 01/01/69   HVY WPNS    
Knudtson Olney A   SFC 06/07/69 06/06/70 WPNS/TM SGT   DEC
Peterson Jerald L   SSG 04/01/70 12/31/70 LT WPNS   YE
Gilliam Robert J   SP4 07/20/69 07/19/70 LT WPNS    
Bolton Robert L III SSG 01/03/66 09/01/66 RAD OP A7/01  
Hill Brian T   SP4 01/03/66 01/02/67 RAD OP A7/01  
Poston Wilford E   SGT 01/01/67 05/19/67 RAD OP    
Robinson Jerry L   SP4 01/01/67   RAD OP    
Stapp Kirk A   PFC 01/01/67   RAD OP MED-EVACED  
Dixon Gary M   SGT 02/01/67 09/14/68 RAD OP    
Fahling Raymond H   SFC 06/01/67   RAD OP   DEC
McCain Michael C   SSG 11/02/67 05/09/68 RAD OP A-502? KIA
Nuber Gerard E   SGT 05/01/67 10/01/67 RAD OP   YE
Williams John T   SP5 05/01/68 08/01/68 RAD OP   YE
Williams John T   SP5 08/01/68 10/01/68 RAD OP   YE
Monday Carol E Jr SSG 07/26/68 07/25/69 RAD OP   YE
Machata Rudolph G "Mike" SSG 01/01/69 05/23/69 RAD OP   KIA
Lapsley James T   SFC 03/01/69 10/05/70 RAD OP   DEC
Jakubiak Raymond P 'Ray' SGT 07/06/69 07/07/70 RAD OP    
Kjera Curtis A 'KJ' SGT 09/13/69 09/12/70 RAD OP extended to 12/31/70? DEC
Batton William T   SSG 07/01/70 09/15/70 RAD OP    
Thomas Billy W   SSG 01/03/66 07/01/66 DEMO A7/01 medivaced DEC
Dunn Creighton R   SP4 07/27/66 10/29/66 DEMO   KIA
Parmentier Albert G   SFC 04/01/67 05/01/67 DEMO    
Bates Harvey R   SSG 01/01/68   DEMO   A0U
Hasselblad Carl D   SP4 01/03/66 01/02/67 MEDIC A7/01 AOU
Payne Floyd E   SFC 01/03/66 09/01/66 MEDIC A7/01 Y
Tiffany Jack S   SGT 09/01/66 05/15/67 MEDIC   YE
Hill James G   SP5 01/01/67   MEDIC REF CLARK  
Blair Joseph R L   SSG 01/01/67 06/14/67 MEDIC   KIA
Gobush Daniel S   SFC 06/01/67 01/01/68 MEDIC    
Reichmuth Carl M   SGT 08/01/67 02/01/68 MEDIC   YE
Brandon Arthur L Jr SSG 12/01/67 04/01/68 MEDIC   YE
Haggard William B   SGT 01/01/68   MEDIC   DEC
Herholz William J   SGT 08/01/68 09/01/68 MEDIC   YE
Gobush Daniel S   MSG 09/01/68 01/01/69 MEDIC    
Ashley William G "Glenn" SGT 01/01/69   MEDIC also CCC?  
Kopac Roger S   SGT 08/19/69 08/18/70 MEDIC    
Lovell Atlas A   SFC 03/01/70 12/31/70 MEDIC   DEC
Powers John P   SGT 05/01/70 12/31/70 MEDIC    
Wedwick Robert W   1LT 12/01/65 11/30/66 ENG OFF 41CA ATTD  
Hollis Johnnie L   SSG 01/01/66 01/01/67 DAK SUT 6 MAN Dist Adv DEC
Houston David   SP4 05/20/66 05/19/67 MEDIC CA AUG  
Lechak Frederick J   SFC 01/01/67 06/14/67 WPNS   KIA
Winninger Frederick C   SP5 01/01/69 01/01/70   NO ORDERS DEC
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